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With Customised Communications.

WHY do we do this?
We're on a mission to make New Zealanders friendlier and more confident, thereby making New Zealand an even better place to be.

HOW do we achieve that?
We find your fire, and help you spread your fire!

WHAT do we do?

  • Psychology of Style

    You can never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.

    How do you feel when you KNOW you look awesome?

    Hit the world confident that you look great!

    Discover your own true, unique and brilliant style

    CLICK HERE to look great

  • The Speaker’s Academy

    Beat that fear of public speaking and become great. We’ll work with you on the three crucial elements that make a great presentation or speech.

    1- Great Content

    2- Brilliant Delivery

    3- Authentic Character
    CLICK HERE to be brilliant!

  • Mark Bunting

    Mark Bunting

    Coach, Director and all round good guy

    A former schoolteacher, multi award winning radio host, advertorial writer, television frontperson and Hamilton City Councillor, Mark is driven to improve the world he lives in. His mantra - "Speak so that people want to listen, listen so they want to speak"

  • Kharyn Lucas

    Kharyn Lucas

    Stylist, Director, Manager

    Kharyn is on a mission to make you feel great about yourself every time you step out into the world. She does that by giving you confidence, courage and knowledge of your own personal style - and she’s good at it!

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