Car Thoughts.

On: July 2, 2015
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Me : “Man, I love this car…. It’s so me…. It sounds great… I love picking her up in it…. She loves the acceleration.. …I think it’s the V6 eco tech grunt of the mighty Berlina … man, I must’ve spent three hours polishing this puppy last Sunday…Or was it the Sunday before…
hey, is that house new?…that really does it for her….ooo baby, here she is now….”

She : “He’s seven minutes late and my God, he still hasn’t cleaned that bloody car”

Me : “I hope she notices I put the seat warmers on… I wonder if she likes the new vanilla blossom rose air freshener”

She : “I really can’t sit on that seat. There are pie crumbs in the cracks”

Me : “I’ll wait to see if she notices the air freshener…. maybe if I accelerate really fast…”

She : “That petrol receipt’s been sitting on the dashboard for six weeks now”

Me : “Ooo, that weather looks a bit bleak, is that a tiny spit of rain?”

She ” ARG!!! Those raindrops on the windscreen!! I can’t see a thing… must reach over and whack the wiper switch!”

…squeeee squeeee   ……………. squeeee squeeee……………….. squeeee squeeee ……..

Me “………When did I turn the wipers on?”


No, they’re not the thoughts of a typical male and a typical female, and nor are they the thoughts of  an unhappy couple. They’re the thoughts of me and Kharyn, and we’re actually very happy together. We just process our thoughts differently. Different things capture our imagination.

Kharyn high in her YELLOW dot. A Pictorialist. She sees flaws and faults instinctively. But no, this isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s a part of her constant drive to ensure that what’s happening now matches the way she’d pictured it happening. A life of constant correction till we get perfection.

Me – well I’m high in my PURPLE dot. A Visionist. Someone who sees the big picture all the time and is blind to details. An optimist, a people pleaser with the attention span of a goldfish. I wouldn’t have turned the wipers on until the windscreen was opaque, and even then I probably would’ve forgotten the blades were worn out.

So if we’re so dis-similar, why are we together? Because we got dotted. We took the time to work out not only our own ways of thinking – but each other’s!  So when I’m being late, flamboyant and forgetful I’m actually just being ‘purple’. When Kharyn’s being picky and all worried about how things look – she’s just being ‘yellow’.

BUT – when I’m thinking ahead, injecting enthusiasm, suggesting and coming up with great ideas that Kharyn can’t – I’m also being ‘purple’. When Kharyn suggests I should wear that with this, fusses over how I look, proof-reads my blogs and makes me follow up on appointments – the stuff that I am HOPELESS at- she’s being ‘yellow’.

And man, it has really helped us as a couple.

Get it?

You really need this dotting stuff in your relationship. It’ll change your life.

……Did I leave the wipers on?


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