Yellow Dot – The Pictorialist

  • Does it annoy you when people don’t do their work as planned?
  • Do you have to work with dreamers who can never keep appointments?
  • Does it bug you that others around you don’t seem to worry about tidiness, detial and how they look?
  • Did the spelling mistake in the last line leap out of the screen and annoy you?

The good news is that you’re not alone and even though people may tease you for your compulsive neatness, it’s just your style at work. You’re what we call ‘high in yellow’. You may have in the past been called ‘picky’ or ‘critical’ but to you it’s natural. At last your attention to the all important detail and deadlines will be celebrated rather than teased!

You may have sat through personality assessments that have told you a similar thing but here is where precognitive communication – Dotting – is different.

Happy Office
Mark and Kharyn
“Get Dotted” is a cost effective, instantly applicable tool that simply teaches your team members to:

  • Identify their own, individual communicative alignments – or styles,
  • Use their own different natural communicative styles to incredible effect,
  • Quickly identify the other styles in your team,
  • Effectively communicate with others on their wavelength all in one day!

How often has your team spent training days identifying their own personality style and then popped it in a drawer and carried on with their lives none the wiser? Not with the DOTS!

Dotting is memorable. Dotting is easy to relate to. Dotting is fun!

We are all unique. Rather than putting people into boxes, the DOTS celebrate individual differences and are a tremendous amount of fun to learn.
Again, the emphasis is not only on identifying our own styles but on identifying OTHER people’s styles and communicating in a way that makes sense to them!

The most popular course is for teams of up to 100 people, making it extremely cost effective. We also conduct public days and charge per person, which is a great way to reach smaller teams or individuals who may find the full day cost prohibitive.

The full day is six hours long with an hour for lunch and a morning and afternoon tea break. Depending on the start time, we aim to be finished and exhausted by 4.30pm.

The three other communicative styles are:

Visionist - Purple Dot

Visionist – Purple Dot

I think as I talk and don’t do much detail.

Rationalist - Red Dot

Rationalist – Red Dot

I don’t suffer fools and call a spade a spade.

Sensationist - Blue Dot

Sensationist – Blue Dot

I am quite intuitive, hate conflict and hurting people’s feelings.

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