Red Dot – The Rationalist

A Red Dot is a very logical, clear thinking, no-nonsense communicator. A Red Dot is often accused of being too abrupt when really they’re just trying to get to the point of the matter without all the ‘fluffy’ talk. A Red Dot is an incredibly loyal person, whom if deceived may forgive – but will never forget.

There are four communication styles:

  • Purple Dots – visionists – big picture people who talk a good game.
  • Yellow Dots – pictorialists – detailed and punctual people who need clear, detailed information.
  • Blue Dots – sensationists – people driven by their emotions who need to get a ‘feel’ for something before they’ll make a decision.
  • Red Dots – rationalists – logical, intelligent people who get straight to the point and always get the job done.

We all possess a combination of these styles and communicate accordingly.

Red Dot Umbrella
Intelligent Person
DOTTING, also known as precognitive communication is a brilliant tool that will make your workplace more productive and profitable. You will understand why others just don’t get with the programme sometimes.

At first, Dotting seems similar to the hundreds of existing personality profile technologies and but where its different is that it teaches your team or group to communicate effectively with the other styles on their wavelengths.

In a one day dotting course we’ll teach your team to:

  • Identify their own dominant communication style,
  • Identify their own secondary communication style,
  • Use their own different natural communicative styles to incredible effect,
  • Quickly identify the other styles in their environment,
  • Effectively communicate with others on their wavelength.
It’s a Kiwi course that has been developed over 20 years. Fortune 500 companies, medium sized companies, whole communities and teams are getting DOTTED all over New Zealand and Australia.

You can trust that the DOTS work instantly and won’t get locked away in the manager’s drawer. Workplaces are reporting more staff stability and less misunderstanding – and you know that leads to a far better job all round.

  • It’s effective.
  • It’s efficient.
  • It’s real.
  • It’s fun.
  • It’s about respect.

The one day course comes with a one off cost for groups as big as 100, making it one of the most cost effective courses anywhere in New Zealand and Australia.

Mark and Kharyn

The three other communicative styles are:

Visionist - Purple Dot

Visionist – Purple Dot

I think as I talk and don’t do much detail.

Pictorialist - Yellow Dot

Pictorialist – Yellow Dot

I simply cannot stand lateness or mess!

Sensationist - Blue Dot

Sensationist – Blue Dot

I am quite intuitive, hate conflict and hurting people’s feelings.

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