Blue Dot – The Sensationist

You are unique. You think, act and feel differently to everyone else in the world. So how do you communicate with all those different people?

  • Wouldn’t it be easier to run away and do your work in a little corner sometimes?
  • Is a happy environment your top priority?
  • Do you despise conflict?
  • Does the vibe people give off scream louder than their words sometimes?
  • Do you sometimes clam up when people are rude – or when they want an instant decision?

If the answer is yes, you’re what we call ‘high in blue’. A very sensory person who needs to get a feel for things in order to do them really well.

There are three other ‘Dots’. Purple, Yellow and Red. We are all higher in one dot but we also can call upon our secondary dot and adopt a whole new communicative style. The trick is to quickly identify other people’s communication styles and talk on THEIR wavelength. We will teach you to do this naturally and with confidence.

Blue Dot
Mark and Kharyn
A happy workplace is a great place to be and a dotting course will make you and your team a far happier bunch.

There are many very expensive personality profile products in the market today that can quickly end up forgotten in a Manager’s drawer or locked away in a personal file some-where.

Dotting is a precognitive communications course that your team will put to IMMEDIATE use. It’s proven to reduce conflict in work teams, communities and families. Effective and respectful communication is the silver bullet of the 21st century!

Once your team members are dotted they feel great about themselves, and they’re far more understanding of those they come into contact with everywhere.

We offer keynote presentations as well but you really need the full course to get a proper feel for this fantastic technology.

This is an often hilarious six-hour course that will put your team in a safe environment, you will get a very real feel for how you operate and how others do too. You’ll all learn amazing communication techniques that will increase empathy, sensitivity and productivity.

People who have done the course are reporting far more confident interactions, better family relationships and a better, happier, more stress-free life in general. It’s a very rewarding experience. Blue chip companies, communities, medium sized companies, departments – all sorts of groups are smothering themselves in DOTS – now it’s your turn.

Let’s have coffee and I’ll give you a feeling for this life-changing technology.

Mark Juggling Dots

The three other communicative styles

Visionist - Purple Dot

Visionist – Purple Dot

I think as I talk and don’t do much detail.

Pictorialist - Yellow Dot

Pictorialist – Yellow Dot

I simply cannot stand lateness or mess!

Rationalist - Red Dot

Rationalist – Red Dot

I don’t suffer fools and call a spade a spade.

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