Purple Dot – The Visionist

We all have our own communication style and that’s based on our unique combination of DOTS.

If the statement you chose LEAPT out of the screen at you, you’re what we call ‘high in purple – a visionist’.

You’re the big picture person, the person who dislikes loads of detailed little instructions and maybe, just maybe, you’re inclined to think while you speak. (sometimes AFTER you speak!)

But purples are fun!

Look away from your screen and you can probably see at least three separate things that could be done differently in your office right now – but actually doing them is BORING!

Believe it or not, not everybody communicates this way and I’m very sorry to tell you that the visionist style can….well….grate a little bit.

Mark Bunting Hoola
Mark and Kharyn
Wouldn’t you be a far better person if you could instantly recognise other people’s communication styles and talk with them on THEIR wavelength?

Imagine that! How much more exciting would your life be if everyone got your brilliant ideas without the glazed looks? Why oh why can’t people keep up with you? Why does everybody else seem to be a naysayer? Why do…hey look! Squirrel!

There are many great personality profiles out there but where the DOTS (precognitive communication) is special, is that first we teach you how to communicate with ALL the personality and communication styles, not just your own as you’ve probably been doing till now.

By the end of the day-long course you’ll know your team better, you’ll know your clients far more quickly and you’ll actually work out how your family communicate. You’ll know someone’s communication style by how they work, talk, email, dress and even by how they walk!

Companies and communities all over New Zealand and Australia are getting DOTTED. Imagine your group getting the same spectacular results.

PROFILES.NZ would love to DOT your group.

That’s all for now – your fertile and active mind is due to move on to something else in 5…..4….3….

The three other communicative styles

Pictorialist - Yellow Dot

Pictorialist – Yellow Dot

I simply cannot stand lateness or mess!

Rationalist - Red Dot

Rationalist – Red Dot

I don’t suffer fools and call a spade a spade.

Sensationist - Blue Dot

Sensationist – Blue Dot

I am quite intuitive, hate conflict and hurting people’s feelings.

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