Welcome to the Speakers’ Academy.


You have a story that needs to be told.  We turn it into a story and turn you into a storyteller.

Maybe you’ve been promoted and find yourself presenting, rather than just doing. Perhaps you have a high profile and are now being asked to tell your story.  Wedding speech? Inspirational speech? Conference presentation?

For some reason, speaking in public ranks as one of the greatest fears we have. Why is that? Its pretty simple. Everyone’s looking at you. In this situation its you against a lot more people than you. No-one to help you. It’s as if you’ve walked out of the jungle and are standing unarmed face to face with a hostile tribe. Why wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable? Studies have shown that this situation stimulates the ‘amagdala’ – a pea sized part deep within the brain that’s designed not to think, but to keep you alive. So you freeze… You tense up….. Your heart pumps more blood to your muscles…. You panic…. And you stop thinking.  And here’s the news – it happens to everyone. That is, until they’re prepared.

For 30 years Mark Bunting has engaged audiences anywhere between 8 people and 80 thousand, and  has had a lot of joy out of doing it well. He won’t rest until you too experience the euphoria of moving a crowd.



  • At PROFILES.NZ, we can write, adjust and turn around that speech at the drop of a hat – but that’s only part of the service
  • At PROFILES.NZ, we’ll not only teach you everything you’ll need to know to create great content and present it skilfully but we’ll do it in a way that’s distinctly you. Any book can tell you to breathe, to smile and how to stand, but we make you YOU.
  • With PROFILES.NZ beside you, you’ll learn that making a speech is like flying an airliner – destination, flightplan, takeoff, flight and landing. You’ll also learn our incredibly effective ‘double speech’ technique and we’ll be right with you every step of the way.

You have a story that needs to be told.  Find your fire. Spread your fire.

Rob Waddell – Olympic Gold Medallist, America’s Cup sailor and Chef de Mission. Whether it’s a conference or business team wanting to be inspired, or he’s making a strategic presentation in his current role, Rob is one of New Zealand’s most sought after speakers.

I’ve worked with Mark now for several years on a wide variety speaking requirements. He has offered an excellent one stop shop providing everything from coaching on delivery and confidence through to helping with content and structure. He has been a really important part of the success I have had in speaking and I’d definitely like to keep using him going forward. With Mark’s help, I have gone to another level of speaking and I continue to use him almost every delivery. He’s also a top bloke!.Rob Waddell

Storytelling is an art. Speeches should be fun to listen to and a joy to make. You’ve got an audience in front of you – with Profiles.nz  behind you, you’re not alone.

Tracey Hancock – Successful coach at REALiving, Tracey has been a top corporate executive who has an incredible way of dealing with life’s challenges – and she’s had a few. Tracey has coached hundreds of people one to one and was ready to take her story and techniques to the world…

Beyond my wildest expectations! That’s the best way to describe how I’ve found working with Mark. His ability to guide and direct me to shape my speech, both content and delivery, has amazed me. From where we started to where we are now, what a transformation! Mark brings his A-game to every session – finessing the words so the message is clear and coaching you to get the delivery bang on. If you do the work and fully engage in the sessions with Mark, the results will speak for themselves. Thanks Mark..Tracey Hancock

Everyone has a story. You don’t get many shots at getting it right – with Profiles.nz  behind you, you’re not alone.


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