My family is a rainbow – Yours will be too

On: April 14, 2015
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A lot of personality tests are great in the workplace. Many communications courses have their place on that square of carpet we share with people we otherwise wouldn’t hang out with in our own time. But how many can you take home?

At every dotting course I’ve been involved with there is a delicious moment when someone in the crowd will say ‘that is SO my daughter!’, ‘my god, that’s my teenager’, or on occassion ‘Oh dear…I’ve been treating my wife really badly”.

I had a similar moment on my first ever dotting course. My beautiful daughter was in a counselling group, and we were all very worried that she seemed to be very withdrawn, and would cry a lot. We seemed to be losing touch with her. We’d had her at a shrink at great cost, and she was in a help-group with other needing kids, and we were concerned.

Then Pam explained the blue dots. A blue dot is conflict averse, and does everything by feel. We call sensationalists, meaning someone who will need to get a feeling for something before they can confidently communicate. A blue dot is incredibly intuitive, and can pick up a vibe in a room where there are no people. Unfortunately, they’ll wear other people’s emotions as their own, and if there’s a sniff of conflict, a blue will withdraw. They’re gone. We’ve all got some degree of blue. And red. And purple. And yellow too.

A wave of emotion ran over me – kind of like walking into a warm room on a cold cold day. “My God! That’s my daighter!” I resolved then and there to take her out of all of that counselling, behavioural psychology stuff that deals with her thinking, and just let her feel her way through the world. I wanted to just hug her. When I got home I did. And I now do every day. To her, that’s communication. To her, that’s love. My wee Daisy’s now doing great, thank you very much.

Hug my yellow son Max as much and he’ll get pretty sick of it pretty fast. Max is high in yellow – a pictorialist. Max needs to have little things explained to him quietly and in a timely manner before you give him a big picture. If he knows what’s happening, and it happens to plan – Max is in his element. Max always wants to know when. Max is five.

The oldest, Penny is as purple as they come. Just like her Dad she’ll talk up a storm, want to inspire and please everyone around her, will start sports and get into things and be bored with them before the season’s up. Penny and I have a lot of laughs – and I mean good, loud laughs together. We’re funny. We’re fun. Everyone loves us! We’re visionists.

And my gorgeous Fiancee Kharyn is yellow. It’s fantastic knowing this, because I used to tease her about her cleanliness fetish. ‘OCD’ I used to cry. How bloody cruel can a man be to his partner who is simply trying to match her inner picture of how the world should be with her outside world? Only a purple would do that! Or a red, but we don’t have one of those in the house. I think the cat might be red, but I’ll get back to you on that one.

The point is – my house is a rainbow. We just couldn’t see the colours until we’d been dotted.

Get your family dotted. You’ll love the colours.

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