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On: October 8, 2015
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This is a jigsaw puzzle. Completed.

If your house has the same set of DOTS living in it as ours follow my advice.

Walk away from the puzzle while you have the chance!

You need to first understand that I am a fierce and bright raging Purple Red, whereas Kharyn is just as bright and raging in Yellow And Blue – so we’re very different styles. Me being Purple (easily distracted and completely oblivious to what’s going on) didn’t even notice when our son brought home a 500 piece puzzle. After watching them buy a non-stick mat, set up a couple of tables, lay out the pieces, find the corners, do the outside edge bits and a few corners, then  start to fill it in I said ‘Hey! We’ve got a jigsaw puzzle!”

Now Yellow dots won’t show that they’re mad at you, and Purples wouldn’t notice even if they did so I took her steely gaze as a hint that she wanted to hear about my childhood. I proceeded to tell her about how my Mum always did puzzles, and that I would no doubt be great at it if they ever needed my help.  After about 5 minutes, I realised that my beautiful yellow dot Kharyn had an issue with the puzzle, so I did what comes natural and went off to do something completely unrelated.

That night, while I was taking a breath from telling her about something very interesting she said “that bloody puzzle is doing my head in!”

“Why?” I asked “Is it too hard?”

“No!” she said calmly. “It’s because I know it’s sitting there right now….unfinished …..and messy. It’s really winding me up!”

You see, a Yellow Dot is a ‘Pictorialist’. They operate from a still mental picture, a blueprint if you like. Their every waking moment is spent making sure that their lives match that blueprint. So here was this puzzle – taking an age to do, sitting there in 436 incomplete, disorganised, higgledy-piggledy  pieces….for a week! By now, Kharyn would sit in a corner and dribble every time the puzzle was mentioned.

Enter Mr Purple Dot to save the day! (fanfare and applause, if you will)

We’re the BIG picture thinkers, the ones who make big, unreasonable promises, who expect stuff to just happen – normally by some other poor schmuck’s hard work. But Purples also

1 – are big time people pleasers and

2 – have strong addictive tendencies – i.e. once they’re on, they’re ALL on.

So you can see where this went, can’t you? Mr big shot Purple Dot decided loudly

‘I’ll finish it’, (notwithstanding that I’d never ever actually done a puzzle that had more than 7 pieces AND that I had five radio shows to plan right then).

So finish it I did.

Well, …over two more days. I couldn’t bloody stop!!!!

“Just one more piece!” I would cry. And when I say cry I mean the desperate, real, actual, wet. snotty, blubbering, crying cry that you cry when you just can’t NOT do something. One night I stayed up till 1 doing the stupid thing. My back hurt. My eyes strained. I began to wonder if there weren’t pieces missing. I actually dreamt about where the pieces went.

I also began to question my purpility. Aren’t Purples the ones who half-finish jobs?

Yes they are, but my very close second dot is red. Red Dots are no-nonsense, get the job done, very driven sorts. My Red Dot was making me honour my purple, damsel-saving promises. My Red Dot had rationalised my addiction and was not letting me stop doing this stupid puzzle! For 6 hour bursts I’d deal with this darned thing, wondering why I wasn’t feeling as relaxed as my mother seemed to be all those years ago.But she’s a Blue Dot. They’re sensitive ..and sensible about these things.


Yesterday I finished! “Come see, come see!!!” – but there was no-one there. It was three in the afternoon.

And so there it sits. A triumph of persistence.

And we’re all to scared to pull it apart.

Heaven help us all if Max gets into building models.

Purples! Stay away from the puzzle!


If you want to know more about how to recognise your own and other people’s communicative styles, let me Dot you. It’s a lot of fun, and an incredibly effective tool. Drop me a line below.

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