The Team

Mark Bunting

Mark Bunting, B.Ed, Dip Tchg

Director, trainer, MC and writer

30 years ago, Mark was wandering the streets of Dunedin, a trainee teacher working part time in a radio station to pay for his rent and beer.

Fast forward 30 years and he’s a multi-award winning broadcaster in the Waikato, corporate trainer, TV presenter, speechwriter, communications coach, Hamilton City Councillor and Managing Director of He also served on a school board of trustees and the Wel Energy lines trust. He is very busy and loves it that way. He still likes beer.

Mark has built a great life as a great communicator and will not rest until YOU feel great with your newfound ability pick your audience and communicate on their level.

That’s Customised Communications.

Mark’s Dotting alignment is Purple, Red, Blue,Yellow, meaning he’s a big picture thinker, a strategist with ideas and ambition pouring out of him.

Kharyn Lucas, B.A.

Director, Manager and Stylist

30 years ago, Kharyn was also wandering the streets of Dunedin trying to avoid the likes of Mark.

Fast forward 30 years and she’s a very talented Stylist in the Waikato. Kharyn brings a broad range of experience to the Buntycom table – counselling, commercial radio, Youth Justice work, project management and most recently she was operations manager for a very successful website.

Kharyn created and runs The Psychology of Style and is driven to make you feel great by looking great. How you look is important to her, how confident you feel is everything.

You’ll also deal with Kharyn when you’re organising a course or enlisting Mark as your coach. She herds the cats.

Kharyn’s Dotting alignment is Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple. This means that she is detail oriented, deadline driven and has an an almost supernatural instinct for getting along with people. Kharyn is a fantastic communicator and is passionate about helping you identify other people’s communication styles and styling your life so that you are more relaxed, more confident and more appealing.

That’s Customised Communications.

Kharyn Lucas

Sharper minds will notice that Mark and Kharyn have completely opposite dotting alignments.

This means all the dots are covered, so when you enlist BUNTYCOM as your communications partner you’ll get VISION, DETAIL, DRIVE and COMPASSION. You’ll get great results and you’ll get them on time. Get in touch with us, let’s start a conversation!


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