On: April 14, 2015
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Today was an odd day. Almost disappointingly pleasant. Yesterday I was given a box and told that after 15 years of service to the same radio station I was to leave now. No chance to say goodbye to the listeners, no final hurrahs – gone. Right now. And so I quietly stacked my joke books, radio awards, photos of kids and various rubber comedy accessories into the box, took the back door out and left. That’s it. 15 years of 4AM mornings, countless evenings away from my growing family either hosting events to build profile or stooped in front of a computer writing show after show after show – and that was it. A flimsy popcorn box with the remains of 15 years carried out the back door and stuffed into a car.

By the time I’d left the boss’ office and gone back to the studio, my email login had been erased and the 3200 strong Facebook page I’d cultivated for four years had been shut down. Half an hour later a full staff email came to all staff announcing the great new show, and how great life was going to be for the radio world. There was one line saying I had already resigned. No thank you for your service, no thank you for being the network’s most successful announcer ever, nothing. A line saying I had already resigned.
So it should hurt, right?

Now if you think this is a rant or a dig at my employers – it certainly isn’t. They had their reasons, they went about it legally, I bear them no malice.
Well here’s the funny thing. It didn’t hurt and it doesn’t hurt.

Did I not care? – no
Am I angry? – no
Am I stupid? – well that’s debatable.

Years ago I was on a diving board. I climbed high and fast and got to the top of the ladder and admired the view. My diving board was radio. But then it wobbled. Suddenly it wasn’t steady. So I followed some really good advice and built a Parthenon. I needed more pillars supporting me. I worked really hard on the other things. My amazing kids got real focus. My partner got even deeper love. I learned ‘dotting’. I became a speaker, a writer AS WELL as a radio announcer. So when one of my pillars took a tumble yesterday I still stood high and admired the great view this life has to offer. I’m doing ok. I miss my pillar, and soon it will be back, stronger than ever. I’m blessed with amazing opportunities. I’m a lucky man.

So if you’re doing well in one area of your life congratulations. But are you standing on a diving board, or a Parthenon?

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