Psychology of Style


A lovely random stranger recently approached me at the supermarket to tell me that she loved my  style.

At first I thought she was talking to someone else but then I realised that the compliment was meant for me.

What a buzz!

At first I felt a bit self conscious but as we chatted I realised I felt fantastic, proud and empowered – what a delightful cocktail of emotions.

It was then I realised that I’d come a long way.

Rewind ten years and you will find me wearing a lot of black tshirts and black cardigans (don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against black – I LOVE black) but what I’m referring to had become my very safe and boring uniform. I’d mix these with ill-fitting three quarter pants and – if I was feeling crazy – I might add a colourful necklace. That was it. Wild.

Fast forward to today and I feel excited each and every day when I decide what I am going to wear. I feel confident and empowered by having control over that part of my day. It makes me happy.

I would love for you to feel that way too.

Does my style reflect my mood? Sometimes.

Is my mood affected by my style? Always.

Now that you’re here – let’s talk about style.

What is style?

Style is the deeply personal way that we put ourselves together based on our personality, mood and lifestyle. Clothes have the wonderful ability to empower us to be who we want to be on any particular day. They also allow us flexibility and freedom to express different aspects of ourselves depending on what life might require from us.

One of the many fabulous things about our own personal style is that it is constantly evolving as we do so ourselves and we have the power to change it whenever we desire. All it might take is the most subtle change or – if we wish – the biggest overhaul – the choice is exciting!

So – here come the questions…

  • Are you happy with your current style?
  • Do you even know what it is?
  • Are you craving a new direction with your ‘look’?
  • Stuck in a rut?
  • Has your lifestyle, body or budget changed and you’re at a loss as to how to dress for this latest evolution?

Relax! Help is here.

Let me guide you through your style evolution.

If you haven’t had that feeling before, we need to give you a taste of it first, and then I won’t rest until you can create that incredible feeling any time you want with the skill and confidence to put together amazing outfits every day. You won’t need me for very long.

You’ll feel empowered through your wardrobe choices.

Let’s Find Your Fire and Spread Your Fire

Here’s what we’ll do to empower you.

  • First, let’s find out about you. Who are you? What drives you? Who do you want to be? Why do you want to upgrade yourself? How do you want to feel? Or do you just have a do coming up and have nothing to wear? This is the most exciting and the most important part of the process. We’ll laugh and then we’ll laugh some more. It’s free!!


  • You and I will have a look through your current wardrobe. Then we’ll hatch a plan. Your very own critical path to those fantastic feelings by way of your wardrobe. I will teach you how to try new ways of wearing what you already have, we’ll identify any gaps and compile a shopping list. We’ll also laugh. It will be painless…I promise!


  • After I’ve sent out the advance party we will hit the shops armed with that wish list of items to add to your existing wardrobe. Shopping is a skill, and there are some very sneaky tricks (all legal) to own this experience. No-one will ever talk you into something you don’t want again!  The shopping ‘spree’ will fit within your budget and your timeline. We will make time for coffee (and cake) and many laughs. Relax, you’re in kind hands. After this I will check in on you on an ongoing basis to make sure you’re still feeling empowered every day.


“Kharyn is amazing!! She instantly put me at ease and made me see my wardrobe in a whole new light. In one visit I went from not having a clue what to wear and what suits me, to knowing I have so many outfits, and how to dress them up or down. She takes the time to get to know your style and what ‘look’ you’re going for – and helps you achieve it, all within your budget. I cannot recommend her enough.”



“I was super excited to have Kharyn with me for our shopping spree! I’m a mum who lives in jeans and a Tee, and have little time to think ( and shop) for a chic style , and classy look. Kharyn has a fabulous eye for fashion, knowing just what style and colour would suit my personality and shape. In a few hours we had bags of outfits, all being able to be mixed and matched and well within my budget! I had an amazing time with an amazing person, and the experience not only left me feeling good, but looking great too! “



“I have recently had Kharyn come into my home and go though my wardrobe with me. She told me how to wear and dress up items of clothing I already had. She also gave me advise on what accessories to wear with different clothes. Kharyn gave me advice on what colours are best for me. We then went shopping. I came away feeling a lot more confident in my choices. It was a positive and an amazing experience and would highly recommend Kharyn.”



“I didn’t realise how good I could feel by making very small changes in my outfits. I needed to be taken more seriously in my new job but didn’t want to look bland, so I asked for Kharyn’s help. I was amazed how just wearing a few of my existing things a little bit differently I developed my own appropriate but interesting ‘style’. My wallet was delighted, but most importantly I know now that when I go out I look good, but even more importantly – I feel fantastic!”



“I found Kharyn extremely helpful with suggestions for styles that suit my figure and for putting together outfits. I also appreciated her ability to see what jewellery/accessories would complete an outfit.”



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