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On: September 11, 2017
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I’ve just noticed something very freaky about this logo. See it and it evokes an emotion right? A feeling of how you felt when you were hooked on this series. It was one of the world’s most successful sitcoms ever and it dominated the 90’s. How many of us has the ‘Rachel’ hairdo (or the ‘Ross’)? I know my radio cohost, Linda and I got them back in the day. We were a very good radio show. There was Linda, the team mum, Red, the slightly stupid one who was actually brighter than all of us and me, the guy who thought he was team leader that no-one took seriously. All successful team radio shows have great characters and it’s the interaction between them that we enjoy listening to. James and Ken, Si and Phil, The Rock’s Morning Rumble, Polly and Grant to name just a few.
Why was FRIENDS SO very successful? It’s simple. The great characters and the interactions between them. Come to a Profiles.nz dots communication course and you’ll hear me talk about the personality types of these guys and their corresponding dot. Monica – yellow dot. Fastidious, detailed, a little uptight, some may say OCD. Ross, Red dot. Doesn’t do emotion well, everything must make logical sense, gets frustrated when others aren’t being logical. Phoebe, Blue dot. Everything is about the feel and she has her life designed around how things feel to her. She seems all soft, but she has a blue steel about her. And Joey – Purple dot. Concentration of a goldfish, spontaneous, says stuff AS he’s thinking it, comes across as cocky but isn’t. So each of the friends characters (including Chandler) have easily identifiable ‘Dots’, and the whole series is based around the hilarious and endearing frustrations caused by them living together.
Now the freaky part. Look between the F, R, I, E, N, D and S.
What do you see……………?

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